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Tampa FL podcasts

Tampa FL podcasts

Ever dreamt of making your voice in whatever area you're passionate about heard? A few decades ago, to make that vision a reality, you would have required a fortune or major connections.

Today, the internet has allowed anyone with access to it to connect to thousands and even millions of people globally easily. With podcasting, anyone with access to a computer can become a recording artist, radio DJ, or a talk show host.

While podcasting was first popular with techies, the general public has since caught on. Tampa FL podcasts combine the freedom of digital audio technology with blogging to create an almost inexhaustible supply of content.

How Do You Start Your Podcast?

The following are the steps to starting a podcast.

  • Select a topic you’re able to commit to
  • Describe what your show is about
  • Set up and test your equipment thoroughly
  • Come up with a plan for different episodes
  • Record the episodes
  • Edit then publish the episodes
  • Finally, launch your podcast

How Does Podcasting Work?

Podcasting is a free service that enables users to access audio files from a podcasting site to listen to on their audio players or computers. The word comes from a combination of two words—broadcasting and iPod (which is an audio player from Apple). Although the term podcasting is taken from the word iPod, you don’t need to have an iPod to listen to it. With virtually any computer or media player, you can listen to podcasts.

Unlike radio, you don’t have to tune in to a specific broadcast when it comes to podcasts. Rather, you can subscribe to a Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feed or download on demand. The RSS feed has the advantage of automatically downloading new podcast episodes.

What is The History of Podcasting?

The podcasting concept was developed in 2004 by Dave Winer, a software developer, and Adam Curry, a former MTV VJ. Curry created the iPodder, which is a program that allowed him to download broadcasts from the internet radio straight to his iPod. Several developers, later on, improved on his idea and thus podcasting was born officially.

As a podcaster, you don’t have to buy a broadcasting license as podcasting is exempt from government regulations. You also don’t have to adhere to the broadcast decency regulations by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC). Meaning, you can broadcast any content you wish to.

Podcasters can license or copyright their work. One online resource you can use to do that is Creative Commons.

Although big broadcasting corporations and several companies have ventured into podcasting, a lot of podcasters are amateurs who broadcast from their home studios. Since podcasters don't depend on ratings as radio broadcasters do, their subject matter can range from mundane to funny content. Podcasters usually cater to a specific niche. By consistently podcasting about a particular subject, podcasters draw a devoted and loyal following. They also assert their expertise.

Tampa FL Podcasts

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Tampa FL podcasts Tampa FL podcasts